Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dining authentic Japanese food heritage at Ginza Bairin
Last week, Ginza Bairin was the first resto we raided when we had the "foodcrawl" in Trinoma Mall (North Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila). The event was co-sponsored by Yummy Philippines that invited us to join a group of select food bloggers.

Mr. Jimmy Tan, the Managing Director of Ginza Bairin, was our host.  He served us two of their authentic Japanese foods, the Special Katsudon and the Rosu Katsu Curry. What makes dining in Ginza Bairin special is that the ingredients in their dishes are directly sourced from Japan.  Eating here is like you are dining in Tokyo, Japan.

The pork and farm fresh chicken eggs, however, are sourced in the country. They are of premium quality and passed the quality standard prescribed by ... (Read and see more photos here)
Special Katsudon set
Rosu Katsu Curry set
The original tonkatsu sauce
Green Tea Ice Cream 
Hire Katsu

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