Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in different Philippine languages


    • Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon (Tagalog)
    • Malipayong Pasko ug Bulahang Bag-ong Tuig (Cebuano)
    • Malipajong Pasko ug Bulahang Bag-ong Tuig (Boholano)
    • Maugmang Kapaskuhan asin Masaganang Ba-gong Taon (Bicolano)
    • Malipayon nga Pascua kag Mahamungaya-on nga Bag-ong Tuig (Hiligaynon/Ilonggo)
    • Naimbag a Pascua ken Naragsac nga Baro nga Tawen (Ilocano)
    • Malugud Pascu at saca Masayang Bayung Banua (Capampangan)
    • Maabig ya Pasko Maliket ya Balon Taon (Pangasinense)
    • Maupay na Pasko ngan Mainuswagon na Bag-o nga Tuig (Waray)
    • Malipayon nga Paskwa ag Mahigugmaon nga Bag-ong Dag-on (Inakeanon)
    • Felices Pascua y Prospero Anyo (Chavacano)
    • Marayaw na Pasko aw Bag-ong Tuig (Dibabawon)
    • Malipayon nga Paskwa kag Masadya nga Bag-ong Tuig (Inonhan)
    • Mepiya Pagasaulog aw Maontong Kaling Omay (Manobo)
    • Madyaw na Pasko aw malipayong Bag-ong Tuig (Mansaka)
    • Maligayang Pasko at Masayang Ba-yon Taon (Sambal)

      Friday, December 22, 2017

      8 Award-Winning Cookbooks for You and Your Loved Ones this Christmas

      Christmas is the perfect time to share, not only love, but love for food as well. This year, we’ve got quite a prestigious lineup, as most of our recently released cookbooks have been nominated or have won either at the National Book Awards or Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. We’re sure all moms and dads, chefs and foodies, will enjoy cooking and discovering new recipes in these books.

      1.) Philippine Food, Cooking and Dining Dictionary by Edgie Polistico 

      From ampapagot (Cebuano for triggerfish) to ligaya (bread with red filling from Bicol) to ukuh ukuh (a Tausug dish resembling a sea urchin risotto), this dictionary gathers more than 8,000 terms relating to food ingredients, dishes, cooking styles, preparation techniques, and utensils, among others. For anyone who cooks or simply loves Filipino food, this book is a vital reference and an excellent cookbook supplement.

      “It takes someone with curiosity and discipline to compile the many ingredients, cooking terms, and dishes encountered as one eats the country. Edgie Polistico has done just that in his Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary. The many languages and dialects complicate the process where names are different region to region or a term doesn’t mean the same as one goes from place to place.” — Micky Fenix Makabenta, columnist, editor, and author of Country Cooking

      The Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary recently won the Best Food Book Award in the 36th National Book Awards in 2017. It is also the 2016 national finalists in Food Writing Category of the Gourmand Awards and chosen among "World Best Culinary Books" in the 22nd Gourmand Book Award.

      It is available for only P795 at National Book Store branches and online at Order here:

      You can also purchase online here.

      2.) Modern Philippine Confections by Chef Gene Gonzalez

      Looking for the perfect pasalubong? This cookbook will help you whip up your favorite confections on your own!

      Modern Philippine Confections features recipes to timeless, well-loved sweets from marshmallows, macarons, to truffles and more.  It is a must-have cookbook for chefs, professional or aspiring, and sweet-toothed foodies, too. It has also recently won the Innovative Category of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the Philippines, and will compete with other countries to claim the international title.

      “…a unique venture into a long neglected area of the nation’s cuisine…of a dedicated chef who not only looks to bring the unique tropical Filipino flavors to the world but who also yearns to reinterpret the national tradition of confections itself.” — Bobby Chinn, TV Host, Chef, and Restaurateur

      Available for only P195 at National Book Store branches and at Order here now:

      3.) Feast with Me by Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi  

      Savor the flavors of Europe and Asia’s sides of the world with Feast With Me, the first-ever (cook)book by writer, TV host, entrepreneur and chef Stephanie Zubiri Crespi. Start your day with a relaxing Parisian breakfast; indulge in flavorful Moroccan and Filipino lunch, take a quick Mediterranean merienda and munch on Spanish tapas; and bask in the company of family and friends with bucolic Italian dishes and exotic Vietnamese and Indian meals for dinner. Feast With Me is nothing short of a sumptuous feast for the senses.

      “Elegant, anecdotal, and deeply personal, Stephanie’s words are as sumptuous as the subjects. Yet for all is romance and luxury, Feast with Me is a practical guide to good, memorable, delightful eating. An epicurean guide to the soul!” — AA Patawaran, Lifestyle Editor, Manila Bulletin

      Feast with Me is a perfect gift for the foodie and for those who would like to travel and taste the world. It is a finalist at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards under the Entertaining Category in the Philippines, and will compete with other countries for the International prize.

      Available for only P895 at National Book Store branches and at Order here now:

      4.) French Kusina by Xavier Btesh

      Forget everything you’ve heard about the complicated French cuisine and step inside the French Kusina,where Chef Xavier Btesh’s delicious French and Mediterranean recipes are foolproof and easy for anyone to whip up. Learn the classic recipes of French homestyle cooking from salads and starters that will add a Frenchy twist to your meals and merienda offerings, to soups that are rich in flavor and open to a sprinkling of your favorite local ingredients. Btesh’s stew recipes will give you a taste of how varied French cuisine really is, and his meat and chicken dishes will add some oomph to your usual menu.

      Take our amazing local seafood and surprise your family and friends with a French-style preparation, and serve everything up with a few side dishes and sauces that will add a world of taste and even a little sexiness to your table. But beyond the wonderful flavors, one of the biggest draws of the French Kusina is how Btesh’s dishes are so uncomplicated. Each recipe’s ingredients are measured for one, so that all you have to do is multiply everything by the number of guests you are having over—which is absolutely perfect considering the fact that at its heart, French cooking is about coming together and sharing a family-style meal. It’s relaxed, simple, and open to your own personal touch.

      French Kusina is a Gourmand World Cookbook Award finalist under the Mediterranean category. It is available for only P595 National Book Store and online at Order here:

      5.) Breads, Cakes, Pastries, and More by Efren Bunquin

       Breads, Cakes, Pastries, and More features baking recipes originally culled by cereal chemist and food technologist Efren G. Bunquin in his book The Golden Treasury of Baking and Candymaking. Kitchen-tested by the Center for Asian Culinary Studies and with annotations and recommendations from Chef Gene Gonzalez, recipes in this book include popular local breads such as Pan de Sal, Mamon Especial, and Ensaimada; Chinese snacks such as Hopia, Bitso-Bitso, and Pilipit; European breads such as Pizza Italiana, Danish Croissant, and L’ Gateau Sans Rival; and many more.

      Breads, Cakes, Pastries, and More is a finalist at the Gourmand World Cookbook Award finalist under the Bread Category. It is available for only P525 at National Book Store and online at Order here:

      6.) Coconut Kitchen: Appetizers and Main Dishes by Maria Regina Tolentino Newport 

      From meat to shell, Coconut Kitchen brings you many ways to make appetizers and main dishes absolutely healthy and delicious! Each recipe has been personally selected, tested and retested by the author with you, the reader and home cook, in mind. This cookbook also features coconut-based recipes from the following well-known personalities in the culinary world: Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan, Norma Chikiamco, Pia Lim-Castillo, Elizabeth Ann Quirino, Ige Ramos, Beth Romualdez and Editha C. Singian.

      “Seldom can you find a powerhouse coconut cookbook with a wide range of tempting dishes plus authoritative information on health issues.” — Beth C. Singian

      Coconut Kitchen is currently a Gourmand World Cookbook Award Finalist under the Single Subject Category. It is available for only P395 at National Book Store branches and online at Order here:

      7.) Bake Magic Together: 40 Recipes for the Whole Family to Make by Maya Kitchen 

      Bake Magic Together by The Maya Kitchen features 40 baking recipes the whole family will enjoy doing together. This baking cookbook also guides parents in how to include their kids in baking, helping kids develop not only their baking and cooking talents, but also enhance their basic yet important arithmetic, vocabulary, as well as social skills.

      Bake Magic Together is a finalist for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards under the Family category and Pastry category. It is available for only P295 at National Book Store and online at Order here:

      8.) Via Mare: 40 Years by Glenda Barretto 

      A look back into Via Mare’s beginnings—from a fine-dining restaurant that it originally was, until changing dining trends led Via Mare to introduce various concepts: a Café that serves classic Filipino meals, an Oyster Bar, and a line of take-out Filipino dishes. Presently, Via Mare’s renowned catering services continue to offer iconic fine-dining experiences, rendering innovative dishes, imaginative settings, and impeccable service to big events both local and abroad.
      This book is not only a celebration of Via Mare’s 40 years, but also a tribute to the woman whose vision of excellence remains constant, Via Mare’s fount of ideas and moving force—Glenda Rosales Barretto.Via Mare was a finalist at the 36th National Book Awards under the category Best Book on Food, and is currently a finalist for Gourmand World Cookbook Awards under the Culinary History category and Chef category. It is available for only P795 at National Book Store and online at Order here:

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      Sunday, December 17, 2017

      How to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH in different Philippine languages

      The red dots are the places I have been to in my many travels all over the Philippines. Thank you very much to all of you who gave me the opportunities and those who helped me in one way or another in my years of travels and setting footprints across the country. 


      • Daghang salamat (Cebuano)
      • Salamat kaajo (Boholano/Cantilangnon)
      • Salamat hin madamo (Waray-Waray)
      • Damo nga salamat (Waray-Waray)
      • Madamo nga salamat (Ilonggo)
      • Muchas gracias (Chavacano/Spanish)
      • Agyamanac la unay (Ilocano/Benguet)
      • Dios ti agngina (Ilocano)
      • Dacal a salamat (Capampangan)
      • Magsukul tuud kaymu (Tausug)
      • Dios mamajes (Ivatan)
      • Mabbalo‘ (Ibanag)
      • Salamat karajaw (Surigaonon)
      • Balbaleg ya salamat (Pangalatok)
      • Salamat tungkay (Binukid/Bukidnon)
      • Madakel ha salamat (Binukid /Bukidnon)
      • Mayad man, sayamat (Akeanon)
      • Mabbalat (Itawis)
      • Mabbalat sicuam (Gaddang)
      • Matamang salamat (Cuyonon)
      • Dios mabalos (Sorsoganon)
      • Maraming salamat ha (Batangueño)
      • Salámat na marháy (Bicolano)
      • Dios mábalos (Bicolano)
      • Madakel a salamat (Maranao)
      • Sapulu a salamat (Maguindanaon)
      • Sukran (all Filipino Muslims using Arabic)
      • Laco a salamat (Sambal/Sambali)
      • Madita Salamat kaniyo (Bagobo)

      Tricycles that always look up the heavens to keep you away from falling on earth.

      The tricycle of Pagadian City is designed to have a perfect balance on the rolling and steep terrains around the city, particularly along the stretch of F.S.Fajares Ave. from the rotonda uphill down to the city proper approaching  the shoreline of Dapulisan Bay, and vice versa.

      Even when all the seats are taken, the side car (cab) would just fall down forward enough to find the correct equilibrium of gravitational forces to compliment the cab's momentum. Thus, the tricycle  would not careen or fall back.

      Uplifted sidecars of Pagadian City tricycles queuing at the Integrated Bus Terminal along the Maharlika Highway, on the uphill side of the city.  




      The stellar night for the 36th National Book Awards winners

      Receiving my NBDB and MCC's 36th National Book Awards award. With me are (L to R) Dean Francis Alfar, Master of Ceremonies; Ruel S. De Vera, member of National Book Development Board (NBDB) Governing Board, and member of Manila Critics Circle; Edgie Polistico; Ani V. Habúlan of Anvil Publishing; and Jerry G. Tizon, Executive Director of NBDB.

      One of the best things that happened to me and my book is the 36th National Book Awards.

      The winners of 36th NBA 2017. See the list of winners HERE.

      My first published book, the Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary (PFCDD), wins as the Best Book on Food in the 36th National Book Awards this year (2017). 

      These are the books of finalists and winners to the 36th National Book Awards.

      It is the chosen winner by the National Book Development Board (NBDB)  and the Manila Critics Circle  (MCC). 

      One of the best things that happened in 2017.

      In the evening of December 02, 2017,  a tribute is given to all the best books published last year. Certificates, trophies, and cash prizes were awarded to the winners.

      With chef Claude Tayag . He wrote part of my book's blurb and refer the PFCDD as the "mother of all food dictionaries to come."

      To get a copy or preview of my winning book, click HERE.

      With Sir Vic Torres , fellow awardee to 36th NBA. He won in Literary Division, under Essays in English with his book: "To the People Sitting in Darkness" published by the UST Publishing House.

      The PFCDD is published by ANVIL Publishing. The book is 10 times more updated than what I posted in my site.
      With Sir Jose Wendell Capili, a fellow awardee to the 36th NBA. He won in Literary Division under Literary Criticism/Literary History with his book: "Migration and The Emergence of Southeast Asian Diaspora Writers in Australia, 1972-2007 published by the UP Press.

      I spent more than half of my life doing this.
      It's larger than life.
      But life is short. 

      Written words will live forever.
      And the words became book
      and dwells among us. 

      I'm thanking every one and all who got a copy of my book. Special thanks to Anvil Publishing and the team who worked hard for our PFCDD. 

      My heartfelt gratitude to my family and relatives, friends, and office mates for the moral support.

      The book is dedicated to my dearest Nanay Pita who was my big inspiration in writing my dictionaries. It was heavenly seeing my mother hugging the book tightly with soulful joy and pure smile when I brought home a copy to her few months before we lost her.

      Daghang salamat sa tanan.

      Saturday, November 18, 2017

      Winners of 36th National Book Awards (2017)
      Our PFCDD won in the 36th National Book Awards under Non-literary Division, Food category. Published by Anvil Publishing.

      I was on my home last night from work when a friend sent me a private message in my phone that my book, the Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary won in the 36th National Book Awards. 

      Yoooohohooo!  was my reply.  I can't measure my joy.  

      Thank you everyone who made the book possible. My special thanks to ANVIL publishing for the publication and nomination.  The Anvil team who worked hard editing and polishing my book.

      Thank you to The National Book Development Board and the Manila Critics Circle for picking our books.  Congratulation to all of us who made it to the National Book Awards.

      The following is the list of the best books published in 2016 that became the winners of the 36th National Book Awards:

      Short Fiction in English:
      Mariposa Gang and Other Stories
      Catherine Torres
      University of Santo Tomas Publishing House

      Short Fiction in Filipino:
      Sangkatauhan, Sangkahayupan: Mga Kwento
      Alvin B. Yapan
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      Literary Division:

      Novel in English:
      The Music Child and the Mahjong Queen
      Alfred A. Yuson
      Anvil Publishing Inc.

      Novel In Filipino:
      Tito O.
      Charmaine Lasar
      PageJump Media

      Non-Fiction Prose in English:
      Marcos Martial Law Never Again
      Raissa Robles
      Filipinos for a Better Philippines

      Non-Fiction Prose in Filipino:
      "Sulyap sa Aking Pinanggalingan"
      Roque J. Ferriols, SJ
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      Poetry in English:
      Snail Fever: Poems of Two Decades

      Francis C. Macansantos
      The University of the Philippines Press

      Poetry in Filipino:
      Banayad: Mga Tula

      Rowena P. Festin
      The University of the Philippines Press

      Poetry in Waray:
      Taburos Han Dagat
      Victor N. Sugbo
      The University of the Philippines Press

      Anthology (Bilingual):
      Remembering/Rethinking EDSA
      JPaul S. Manzanilla and Caroline S. Hau
      Anvil Publishing Inc.

      Anthology in Filipino:
      Batang Rizal at iba pang Dula

      Christine S. Bellen
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      Anthology in Waray:
      Susmaton: Oral Narratives of Leyte
      Merlie M. Alunan
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      Graphic Literature:
      Bong Redila
      Adarna House Inc.

      Literary Criticism/Literary History:
      Migrations and Mediations: The Emergence of Southeast Asian Diaspora Writers in Australia 1972-2007"
      Jose Wendell P. Capili
      The University of the Philippines Press

      To the People Sitting in Darkness... and Other Footnotes of Our Pasts
      Jose Victor Torres
      University of Santo Tomas Publishing House

      Ramon Muzones and Maria Cecilia Locsin-Nava
      New Day Publishers

      Non-Literary Division:

      Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary
      Edgie Polistico
      Anvil Publishing Inc.

      Feeding Manila in Peace and War, 1850-1945
      Daniel F. Doeppers
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      A Field Guide to Flight: Identifying Birds on Three School Grounds
      Amado C. Bajarias, Jr.
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      Social Sciences:
      Out of the Shadows: Violent Conflict and the Real Economy of Mindanao
      Francisco J. Lara Jr. and Steven Schoofs
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      Peryodismo sa Bingit: Mga Naratibong Ulat sa Panahon ng Digmaan at Krisis

      Kenneth Roland A. Guda
      The University of the Philippines Press

      Pinoy Manners: A Modern Guide to Delicadeza for All Generations

      Joy Lumawig-Buensalido, Christine Jocelyn Buensalido

      Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent: Mga Sikreto sa Likod ng Dubbing, Voice-over at Voice Acting
      Pocholo Gonzales
      PSICOM Publishing Inc.

      Eiga: Cinema in the Philippines During World War II

      Nick Deocampo
      Anvil Publishing Inc.

      Language Studies:
      Capampangan Roots

      Papa Osmubal (Oscar Balajadia)
      Holy Angel University Press

      Book Design:
      Colonial Manila, 1909-1912

      Karl Fredrick M. Castro
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

      Publisher of the Year:
      Ateneo de Manila University Press

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      Saturday, October 21, 2017

      How Digitalization Would Cripple Entire Government and Private Operations

      Do you have any idea how digitalized technology would cripple the entire operations of any institutions when the Big One comes? This must worry those who are now  largely dependent on computerization and other forms of digitalization. As part of your contingeny plan, do you have Plan B? What about plan C?
      A friend of mine who now works as Document Control Analyst under Capital Infrastructure Department of the BC Hydro in Bancouver, British Columbia shared this layered contingency plan for their dams. 
      This amazed me. 
      This must be replicated by all other countries including the Philippines that is now in the brink of the highly expected The BIG ONE. Not only on dams but of all documentations that are now highly dependent on digitalization.
      Here's the full lenght of my friend's  post worth sharing:
      "I was going to post this in the morning to say HAPPY FRIDAY! It's now 4:30 p.m. so, Happy Friday Evening! Swamped with work today, no time to check my phone whole day. This is our Library in the office, those are hard-copy engineering drawings. You would ask WHY? Why the need for hard-copies when they're in the database. This is part of the Earthquake Culture we live in the office. When "the big one" strikes, we expect all our servers to be down or destroyed, lucky if we can even open our computers. Hopefully our dams will survive the shaking, if not, we will need engineering plans for emergency measures, and since there's no internet, these drawings are our Plan-B. We also send a 2nd copy to Iron Mountain as Plan-C. Retention in Iron Mountain is 100 yrs. That's how prepared we are BUT..... they say no preparation is enough for "the big one." It will be a disaster we no one has seen yet. (Just like typhoon Yolanda.) At least we tried. Happy weekend folks! Lab yu! <3 font="">



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