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Guinness world record attempt for largest serving of balut

Mayor Jaime "Joey" C. Medina of Pateros proudly joins with his folks in this boodle fight of partaking the historical and  would-be Guinness world record of largest serving of balut

HISTORY, CCA, and Pateros City make Guinness official attempt for largest serving of balut for World Record Week


Balut is considered one of the Philippines’ most exotic culinary fares. The fertilized duck egg, eaten with the bird’s compressed beak, veins, and developing wings, may have earned a reputation for being one of the world’s strangest delicacies but it now can potentially set a new world record for the Philippines as HISTORY, in partnership with the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) and the city (sic.) of Pateros, makes a Guinness official attempt to set the record for the largest serving of balut in terms of weight for World Record Week.

A series of six world record attempts for the Philippines, World Record Week is HISTORY’s initiative that is part of its Make History campaign. “Make History is a community that celebrates the big, extraordinary things and World Record Week is one of our efforts to hark back to that purpose and put the Philippines in the world record map,” declares A+E Networks Asia Philippines Country Head Jacque M. Ruby.

The record attempt will be done in the city of Pateros, the famed capital of balut. Leading culinary school CCA will be in charge of whipping up the adobong balut recipe for the event
According to CCA Chef Tristan Encarnacion, they will cook 1000 eggs supplied by the city of Pateros, with 75 kilograms as the final target weigh in. A boodle feast participated in by preselected Pateros residents will be done after the official weigh in of the recipe.

Chef Tristan Encarnacion and his team from CCA make the history of cooking the largest adobong balut in Pateros.
 Asked about the significance of the endeavor, Encarnacion claims, “Balut is a big part of the Philippines’ culinary tradition and we hope that through this Guinness official attempt, we can help promote balut’s culinary uses. We want to support the communities engaged in balut production and also make the delicacy more acceptable to foreign guests. This is in line with CCA’s mission of enhancing and promoting Filipino cuisine to the world.”

“The balut record attempt is an excellent showcase of Filipino culture and culinary talent, which are all part of our aims for World Record Week

We are confident that through the combined efforts of HISTORY, CCA, and the city of Pateros, we can set a new world record for the Philippines in this category,” Ruby adds.

Dr. Mary Joyce Flores-Medina (wife of Pateros mayor, Joey Cruz-Medina) joins fellow Paterosinos and guests in this boodle fight of partaking the largest serving of adobong balut
Other Guinness records that HISTORY will attempt to set for the Philippines are the largest parade of tricycles in Cauayan, Isabela and the largest burnout of motorcycle tires at the Tagaytay Convention Center, both with Ropali Motorcycles. HISTORY and its partners will also try to set three new records on April 12 at Market Market in Taguig: the largest reunion of people born in the same hospital with The Medical City, the fastest time to eat a 12-inch pizza with Shakey’s, and the most number of people gargling with mouthwash simultaneously with OraCare. Finally, CCA also plans to make history when they present 100 balut recipes prepared by its students.

Edgie with historian Elmer Gragera-Ibañez Hernandez-Nocheseda of Pateros

“It may be one of our most unique culinary offers but balut may just put us in the Guinness World Record book. We’re excited to see how this Guinness official attempt will unfold and we hope that we get to set the record,” Ruby concludes.
At the presscon are (from left to right) Chef Tristan Encarnacion, Faculty member of CCA; Ms. Liza Morales, Operation Manager or CCA; Marinela G. Trinidad, CEO of CCA; Jacque M. Ruby, Asia Philippines Country Head of A+E Networks (History); Mayor Jaime "Joey" C. Medina of Pateros; and Dr. Joyce Medina, wife of Mayor Joey Medina

Edgie with Mayor, Jaime "Joey" Cruz Medina of Pateros  at Pateros Park Plaza De Borja

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