Monday, September 12, 2016

Alviera Camp Hero - the training camp for wannabe superheroes

Now on its second year of camping season, Alviera is announcing and accepting participants to Alviera Hero Camp to be held on October 15 to 16, 2016 (Saturday to Sunday). This year, camping experience is unique because it is themed as a training camp for wannabe heroes.

Yes, the Alviera Hero Camp is for you who dream to become a superhero as part of your lifetime. Here is your chance to become one by participating over a weekend of purposeful adventure and learning. Participants will experience the thrills of hero role-playing throughout their stay at the camp. They will learn and earn some of ... (read and see more photos here

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The ancient smoked ham of the Philippines

etag – (é-tag; Ilocano and Cordilleran [Ifugao, Igorot, Kankanay, and Benguet] preserved) (also spelled as itag in IIocano; a.k.a. innasin in Ilocano) [n.] cured and aged slab of pork; An indigenous smoked or sun-dried salted slab of pork.

....With due respect to customs and traditions of all the ethnic groups of Cordillera and northern Luzon, the process of making etag and how long the aging process would take to complete reminds me of the Fire Mummies (a.k.a. Kabayan Mummies) of Benguet. The mummification process of fire mummies was unique compared to on how mummification was done in Egypt and the rest of the world. It was like the natives were preserving their dead in a process similar to when making an etag. The mummification would begin right after a person died, whom they would let ingest a very salty drink. The corpse was washed and set over a fire in a seated position to dry out bodily fluids. The dead was also subjected to smoking process. Tobacco smoke was blown into the mouth to dry further the inside of the body including the internal organs and then herbs were rubbed into the body before the mummified body was placed in a ... (Read and see more here)


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