Saturday, November 18, 2017

My first book won in 36th National Book Awards

Our PFCDD won in the 36th National Book Awards under Non-literary Division, Food category. Published by Anvil Publishing.

I was on my home last night from work when a friend sent me a private message in my phone that my book, the Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary won in the 36th National Book Awards. 

Yoooohohooo!  was my reply.  I can't measure my joy.  

Thank you everyone who made the book possible. My special thanks to ANVIL publishing for the publication and nomination.  The Anvil team who worked hard editing and polishing my book.

Thank you to The National Book Development Board and the Manila Critics Circle for picking our books.  Congratulation to all of us who made it to the National Book Awards.

The following is the list of the best books published in 2016 that became the winners of the 36th National Book Awards:

Short Fiction in English:
Mariposa Gang and Other Stories
Catherine Torres
University of Santo Tomas Publishing House

Short Fiction in Filipino:
Sangkatauhan, Sangkahayupan: Mga Kwento
Alvin B. Yapan
Ateneo de Manila University Press

Literary Division:

Novel in English:
The Music Child and the Mahjong Queen
Alfred A. Yuson
Anvil Publishing Inc.

Novel In Filipino:
Tito O.
Charmaine Lasar
PageJump Media

Non-Fiction Prose in English:
Marcos Martial Law Never Again
Raissa Robles
Filipinos for a Better Philippines

Non-Fiction Prose in Filipino:
"Sulyap sa Aking Pinanggalingan"
Roque J. Ferriols, SJ
Ateneo de Manila University Press

Poetry in English:
Snail Fever: Poems of Two Decades

Francis C. Macansantos
The University of the Philippines Press

Poetry in Filipino:
Banayad: Mga Tula

Rowena P. Festin
The University of the Philippines Press

Poetry in Waray:
Taburos Han Dagat
Victor N. Sugbo
The University of the Philippines Press

Anthology (Bilingual):
Remembering/Rethinking EDSA
JPaul S. Manzanilla and Caroline S. Hau
Anvil Publishing Inc.

Anthology in Filipino:
Batang Rizal at iba pang Dula

Christine S. Bellen
Ateneo de Manila University Press

Anthology in Waray:
Susmaton: Oral Narratives of Leyte
Merlie M. Alunan
Ateneo de Manila University Press

Graphic Literature:
Bong Redila
Adarna House Inc.

Literary Criticism/Literary History:
Migrations and Mediations: The Emergence of Southeast Asian Diaspora Writers in Australia 1972-2007"
Jose Wendell P. Capili
The University of the Philippines Press

To the People Sitting in Darkness... and Other Footnotes of Our Pasts
Jose Victor Torres
University of Santo Tomas Publishing House

Ramon Muzones and Maria Cecilia Locsin-Nava
New Day Publishers

Non-Literary Division:

Philippine Food, Cooking, and Dining Dictionary
Edgie Polistico
Anvil Publishing Inc.

Feeding Manila in Peace and War, 1850-1945
Daniel F. Doeppers
Ateneo de Manila University Press

A Field Guide to Flight: Identifying Birds on Three School Grounds
Amado C. Bajarias, Jr.
Ateneo de Manila University Press

Social Sciences:
Out of the Shadows: Violent Conflict and the Real Economy of Mindanao
Francisco J. Lara Jr. and Steven Schoofs
Ateneo de Manila University Press

Peryodismo sa Bingit: Mga Naratibong Ulat sa Panahon ng Digmaan at Krisis

Kenneth Roland A. Guda
The University of the Philippines Press

Pinoy Manners: A Modern Guide to Delicadeza for All Generations

Joy Lumawig-Buensalido, Christine Jocelyn Buensalido

Gusto Kong Maging Voice Talent: Mga Sikreto sa Likod ng Dubbing, Voice-over at Voice Acting
Pocholo Gonzales
PSICOM Publishing Inc.

Eiga: Cinema in the Philippines During World War II

Nick Deocampo
Anvil Publishing Inc.

Language Studies:
Capampangan Roots

Papa Osmubal (Oscar Balajadia)
Holy Angel University Press

Book Design:
Colonial Manila, 1909-1912

Karl Fredrick M. Castro
Ateneo de Manila University Press

Publisher of the Year:
Ateneo de Manila University Press

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

How Digitalization Would Cripple Entire Government and Private Operations

Do you have any idea how digitalized technology would cripple the entire operations of any institutions when the Big One comes? This must worry those who are now  largely dependent on computerization and other forms of digitalization. As part of your contingeny plan, do you have Plan B? What about plan C?
A friend of mine who now works as Document Control Analyst under Capital Infrastructure Department of the BC Hydro in Bancouver, British Columbia shared this layered contingency plan for their dams. 
This amazed me. 
This must be replicated by all other countries including the Philippines that is now in the brink of the highly expected The BIG ONE. Not only on dams but of all documentations that are now highly dependent on digitalization.
Here's the full lenght of my friend's  post worth sharing:
"I was going to post this in the morning to say HAPPY FRIDAY! It's now 4:30 p.m. so, Happy Friday Evening! Swamped with work today, no time to check my phone whole day. This is our Library in the office, those are hard-copy engineering drawings. You would ask WHY? Why the need for hard-copies when they're in the database. This is part of the Earthquake Culture we live in the office. When "the big one" strikes, we expect all our servers to be down or destroyed, lucky if we can even open our computers. Hopefully our dams will survive the shaking, if not, we will need engineering plans for emergency measures, and since there's no internet, these drawings are our Plan-B. We also send a 2nd copy to Iron Mountain as Plan-C. Retention in Iron Mountain is 100 yrs. That's how prepared we are BUT..... they say no preparation is enough for "the big one." It will be a disaster we no one has seen yet. (Just like typhoon Yolanda.) At least we tried. Happy weekend folks! Lab yu! <3 font="">



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