Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fiesta Bahia is Mercato Centrale's latest tourism night food market in Metro Manila

Fiesta Bahia is another night food market in Metro Manila. It is regarded as the premier night food and lifestyle market that offers a new ‘food destination’ experience to the SM Mall of Asia By the Bay. It is where to sample the taste of some popular dishes coming from different regions in the country. 

Also available are some of the popular gourmet and artisanal food from the chefs and food vendors of other night markets previously installed elsewhere by the Mercato Centrale.

A place to experience some of the unique foods in the country. To start with, most food stalls are very much willing to give a sample free taste before taking an order.  Such as the following:

Bagnet Rice Patong is most probably inspired by the Tuguegarao City's Ilocano batil patung. However, instead of the Cagayano version of using stir-fried miki noodles, the BRP uses cooked rice as base for the patung (toppings) of sliced  bagnet (crisp Ilocano deep-fried pork). Lower photo is a serving of double bagnet patung.  So you know now what to answer if you can read the question on their shirts, above.    
Andreis's Lugawan Atbp. main dish is the arroz caldo con chicken (rice porridge with chicken) with the optional hard boiled chicken egg. The graham mango float are no different from those you can find from online recipes. This one in the photo  needs a lot of chilling to make it more appealing to taste and slow the milk from running loosely.  Andrie's  also has assorted kinds of sweet kakanin (rice based snacks), such as the cuchinta, bibingkang kanin, etc. 
Partly hidden on the corner of Andrei's Lugawan Atbp counter is this unique kind of puto (steamed rice cake). One could hardly notice it because it is not well lighted. I suppose this is the one that qualifies Andrie's to join the Fiesta Bahia.  This is the most unique so far among my finds at the Fiesta Bahia. Andrie's called it stuffed puto - dinugoan flavor. 
Andrie's Lugawan Atbp. has perfected the idea of making stuffed puto dinugoan. What you normally ordered in carenderia that comes in separate serving plate of puto and a bowl of dinugoan (pork with blood) is fused to become one cupcake.The dinugoan in it is not made of pig's internal organs but of choice cut of pure pork. A slab of melting cheedar cheese is a good complement
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mercato Centrale Brings ‘Food Tourism’ to SM Mall of Asia this July

Did you know that one of top tourist destinations in Manila is the SM Mall of Asia (MOA)? And what’s one of the best ways to welcome foreign guests to one of Manila’s top tourist destinations?  By sharing with them a variety of great-tasting dishes from different parts of the Philippines!  

The Mercato Centrale group, the organizers of Metro Manila’s premier night food and lifestyle markets, is bringing a new ‘food destination’ experience to the SM Mall of Asia By the Bay with Fiesta Bahia – ‘the food tourism’ market – every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting July 12 (Friday) from 4pm to 3am. Click here to read more and see the bird's-eye view photo of MOA.... 


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